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World Dog Show 2018 - NL Amsterdam

Dogs Global is present at the World Dog Show. This Thursday 8 till Sunday the 12th of August, you can find us in Hall 1 - stand 45, opposite of the Royal Canin stand.

We will be very happy to see you there,
Team Dogs Global

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About this page

Dog is man's best friend. Canids bring support, inspiration and great pleasure to us. We share an old alliance for more than 10.000 years. Dogs were bred as types but a lot of mixing occurred. The last century dog breeding changed dramatically. Many dogs are bred as breeds and focus has strongly been on few excellent looking studs.

We could take care of the genetic background and health better than we have done. The first crucial step in breeding healthier dogs is good data. Enthusiasm all over the world can be shared on internet in ways that benefit dogs health and breeding efforts. Internet is the ultimate way to collaborate to achieve a good database. With this data we can provide better understanding and insight on our canid breeds and their population genetics.

  • Browse through the pedigree of your dog
  • Register yourself and
    • add photo's
    • participate in (occasional) health inquiries
  • For breeders: ultimate help to improve the breed

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