High Lonesomes Qimmiq Nutka

Male Canada
14 years old
Father: CKCES283440 Untaimed Grizzly
Mother: CKCHS614384 High Lonesomes Snowy River
Birth: 2005-06-10
Colour: Grey & White
Kennel: High Lonesomes
Extra info: Observed colour: Grey Sable
Untaimed Grizzly
Jaden’s Shawnee
Qimmiit’s Pro Boy
Qimmiit’s Pro Girl
Samowaska’s Atalik
Takari’s Gallant Apalou Tok
Jaden’s Arnavik
High Lonesomes Snowy River
Gandolf of Churchill
Bishop of Igloolik
Taiga of Churchill
Qimmiit’s Pro Girl
Qimmiit China Man
Qimmiit Woofer Girl