Arcticice Qimmiq Kaskae

Male Canada
4 years old
Father: CKCNG224263 High Lonesomes Qimmiq Grizzly
Mother: CKCZQ476661 Inuksugaqrun Arcticice Oopik
Birth: 2015-01-20
Colour: White & Black Spots (head)
Kennel: Arcticice
High Lonesomes Qimmiq Grizzly
Untaimed Grizzly
Jaden’s Shawnee
Samowaska’s Atalik
High Lonesomes Derringer
Hudson Ii of Churchill
Anuvik’s Lonesome Princess
Inuksugaqrun Arcticice Oopik
Inuksugaqrun Solo
Guapo of St. Dominique
Inuksugaqrun Molly
Inuksugaqrun Majira
Inuksugaqrun Yuconner
Chelyuskins Maudie