Shepherdsway Snow Drifter at Blufawn

Male Great Britain
11 years old
Father: CKCPW125107 High Lonesomes Qimmiq Fox
Mother: CKCRL125108 High Lonesomes Qimmiq Ashoona
Birth: 2008-10-08
Colour: White & Red
Kennel: Shepherdsway
High Lonesomes Qimmiq Fox
High Lonesomes Snowy Pursuit
Qimmiit’s Pro Boy
Samowaska’s Atalik
High Lonesomes Derringer
Hudson Ii of Churchill
Anuvik’s Lonesome Princess
High Lonesomes Qimmiq Ashoona
Untaimed Grizzly
Jaden’s Shawnee
Samowaska’s Atalik
High Lonesomes Snowy River
Gandolf of Churchill
Qimmiit’s Pro Girl