Akna Tuya

Female Great Britain
3 years old
Father: KC AG01808303 Shepherdsway Volcanic Dust Over Akna
Mother: KC AK02176104 Shepherdsway Cinders at Akna
Birth: 2016-01-01
Colour: Sable & White
Kennel: Akna
Shepherdsway Volcanic Dust Over Akna
Anuvik’s Blue Steel
Manning of Hudson Bay
Anuvik’s Michikamou
Shepherdsway Colour me Red
High Lonesome’s Tiuk
Shepherdsway Red Delight
Shepherdsway Cinders at Akna
High Lonesomes Qimmiq Polaris Iii
High Lonesomes Qimmiq Nutka
High Lonesomes Qimmiq Tiriaq
Shepherdsway Rainbow of Ice
High Lonesomes Polar Bear
Shepherdsway Colour me Red